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I'm really starting to thank that female don't want love or even know what love is and i myself am starting to give up on the hole ideal of love i talk to a lot of female on this web site and some have responded and some don't i don't know what's worse getting bad messages or not getting any at all for those that are looking for someone that's right for them i could be the one

I’m a 29 year old African American male I’m in ok shape I have a five year old daughter that I love and I’m 5’10 in height 180pounds in weight I’m funny I like to do anything that’s fun I get along with anybody I meet with. And I’m looking for someone that’s just for me now most females would read this and say he is not my type just because that person read my profile but instead of sending a reply and saying seem like a nice guy and giving someone like me a chance she would just say no and I see the same female no here day after day just give the men that do reply to your message a benefit of a duet and yes we men have the standers as female do we don’t want no BS or the games
PS. The Photo that I have some of you may think I look mean but I’m not


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