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I am Sarah. Not the guy in the picture, thats Hunter. He is my best friend and fuck buddy for many years. I am trying to be his "wingman" because he is very introvert and can be a bit shy. As I have explored many men in the years, he has just been on and off with me. I feel his sexual ora and talent should not go unnoticed or unused simply because he is a bit shy. His sexiness will hit you so hard and how addictive he can be is indescribable. Sounds crazy and too good to be true, why do I want to share? Because like I said, he has had me and I feel its fair he gets to go out and try other territories and experience other women like I have with men. He is gentle and respectful, he will always put a womens orgasms first and the more you do, the more it turns him on. His stamina is just right and he knows how to move and hit spots. Every women is different but all it took was a few times for him to know how to push my naughty buttons. Please help my very sexy friend experience a bit more. I am real, he is real, if you want to get to know me too, by all means I will talk :) I figured this stuff works in the movies, why not try it in real life right? Please no BBW. Average girls are great and he is use to petite and slim with me, so someone with a bit of meat will def. be a bit different for him. Not to be mean with BBW, Just not his taste :) 


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