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I am Alaska single/looking for women for getlaid
United States
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hi, my name is Amar and I know I look younger but I am older what you think.i live in Alaska since i was born. I love it here in Alaska and Alaska is my home. I am shy and sweet,ugly not cute or adorable,rich,big muscles,strong,not handsome,beautiful,pretty. I can be sour inside my heart,eyes,and mind.I want to be a street racer.I finished high school on 2007 and i had a job in school days. I am thinking of doing online job/class. I when i grow up i want to be a street racer,Air Traffic Controller,Airline Pilot. I want to be a Power Ranger. I am a cat person and I am thinking of getting a cat.I am trying to look for a girlfriend. I am single/looking for single,divorce,widow cute ladies for dating,sex,,fake nails,have a cats,not dogs.I strenche my muscles,pushups, and situps.I love,traveling,Axe,Gillette,Dove Men+Care products, music,singing,computer,mobile devices,Alaska wildlife animals,anime,american cartoons.funny shows/movies.japanese and european cars,Need For Speed ,Flight Simulator,Driving Simulator,shaving,tea,reading,Bruce Lee,Jackie Chan,learning languages, Chan,polish,mexican,chinese,japanese,thai,pizza,chocolates,seafood,salads,Cheese,cheese,baked alaska cake,Duck,grouse meats,chips,ice cream cakes,ice cream,engery bars,baked Potato,fuite salad,Lasagna,Chobani,yogurts,cotton candy foods,water,mango,lamenade,oranged,crandberry,coffee,sprite,cider,egg nog,hot chocolate,Fanta,sports,pomegranate,Sobe,Ice sparkling waters,sports,Starbucks Refreshers/DoubleShot Energy,milkshakes,Monster,pineapple starfruit drinks,Ukraine,Russia,Africa,Alaska,Germany,Belarus,Moldova,Colombia,Chile,red,blue,green,white,black,purple,orange,yellow,silver colors,earpphones/headphones,Power Rangers,Transformers,electric shavers,toys/model kits,christmas,Thanksgiving,traveling,hair styling,skiing,street racing,Martial Arts,Ti chee,Samurai's,Samurai Swords,belly dancing,taking pictures of my self,eating,winter sports,external Harddrives,Space Jam,Need For Speed,Transformers,Balto,Titanic,Fast And Furious,Ace Ventura,Austin Powers,Madagascar,Mulan movies,Aerospace Engineering,NASA,shopping,bandai,going to restraunts,Iphones,Ipads,Paul Walker,Vin Diesel,Rick Yune,
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