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South Africa
Cape Town
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I joined a Ukrainian/Russian site in August 2014, as I was unsure about the local ladies. I couldn't believe the number of letters I received. Not as I am so great! It may mean the language problems or those folks are desperate to find new homes. I have learnt my lesson, ran away and prepared a new, clearer profile so as to deflate optimism.

As I respect people and myself, I tell the truth. If I say I'm a lion, you may want me for protection. If you then find I'm a kitten, you may be scared and leave. Lying goes nowhere. My woman may fly freely so she may grow as a person and taste life to the full. I don't dictate. I'm open-minded, loyal, reliable, caring, positive and generous. I believe in honour and fairy tale love. The latter means I am miserable if I don't feel loved or appreciated. I'm passionate in all I do. I love humour, fun and making people laugh. I like people and care about them. But I'm just a man. At times I'm selfish or impatient.

It took me time to learn this, but today I can forgive myself for my faults, rise above the shame of my mistakes and continue. Though I have a soft core, I am a strong, thinking man. A man who won't falter. A man who will face anything, refuses to lie down and will fight like a lion to the bitter end. I am a true Aries. It makes me no better or worse than another. I'm just too passionate for gentler souls. Now you should ask yourself: Do I really want to walk beside a man who is a little less "domesticated"?

I need a strong woman who, unconcerned about my zest for life, knows that our unity is the haven within which our individual growth can continue. A woman who wishes to pursue her personal dreams, in addition to our joint dreams, secure in the knowledge that both of us are loved, cared for and supported in any direction we may wish to go or grow. Such is the woman I need as my partner, friend, hero, and love!

Until 2012, I did well. I learnt a company in my industry robbed +/- 3 000 pensioners. Angry, I closed them down. We took control of the assets they had managed. I was appointed director of all the companies to recover the stolen funds and to protect them from those hoping to get rich off them. I structured legal arguments and appointed a legal team to represent me in court. My ex abused the demands on my time, asking me to transfer power to her so she could look after my interests. I was too busy to argue, so I instructed it to be done.

In the blink of an eye I was driven from success to a 12 m2 room and a meagre salary. I used litigation to regain control but only partially as she is in Contempt of Court. She has depended on my concern for the kids to not report her to the police. Then, in July I found she had committed fraud in some companies we controlled. I had to report it to our clients as I refuse to be seen as an accomplice. As expected it cost us all of our contracts. I lost 17 years of hard work and I lost all my income. Still in Contempt of Court, she has committed further crimes. As a fellow-owner, I can be nailed with her if I don't expose her now. I can't have my 14 and 17-year old kids see both of us in jail. I prepared a 700-page Affidavit of developments and handed it to the detectives in mid-October. I am told it is being passed to the Serious Crimes Unit. I'm telling you this, so you understand that I am dirt poor today. Only my type of woman will read further. 

To you I say I won't lie down. I have a vision and I think I know how to garner the support of those who can give me a leg up. It isn't guaranteed but I've already taken steps to acquire my first Spar. I plan to buy a few of them over time. To achieve it, I will have to assume risk. Therefore I plan to make an offer on a "troubled" store. I've studied it thoroughly and believe I can make it profitable. It needs improved controls, it needs a revamp, the stock levels must increase and I must gear it to enhance yield. It is a risk, but it is a calculated risk. If you have the guts to walk with me, I'll be a way down the track in 2 years, getting strong in 5 years and wealthy again in 10 years. Of course I'm scared! Only a fool wouldn't be. But I can't be anyone but who I am, so I will take that road if I can swing it to my potential backers. I understand the risks and know exactly what I must do. I am committed, intelligent and capable. The chance of success is better than 50%. However, life isn't always fair and a calamity may overtake me. Are you SURE you want to write to me? If you are, I will be happy to receive your letter.


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