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I would love to eat you up
United States
cedar rapids
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I LOOOOVE having my BBC sucked, licked and worshiped by those loving lips of sub/dom girl!

I've always been dominant for as long as I can remember but I tend to lean into primal since there is nothing more instinctive and natural than raw, uninhibited sex, I love the whole raw physical aggressiveness from the hair pulling, biting, scratching, screaming and moaning, to fucking each others to the point of pure and utter exhaustion. Those moments where your muscles begin to shake from fatigue, and your groin is sensitive and sore from the continuous pounding. I also sincerely enjoy long sessions where there is water or gatoraid on the night stand probably next to the lube and its nothing more than pure and total unadulterated fun. I am a big fan of toys in the bedroom specially since i think of them as an extension of foreplay and also as a tool for role play and games to the simple use to fill holes, restrain placing, gags, or to the over stimulation to the point of begging and in some cases extensive massive orgasms.

Also I want to learn more by speaking to submissive girls so i am more than willing to make friends to chat, exchange ideas, speak of prior experiences, or just to learn more and maybe attend events. I'm a very open minded person and i feel like I should be able to hold a conversation with ease if you wish to do so, and we are never done learning. So feel free to talk to me.


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