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The group ft UPDATE: I am a grown man. I can handle a rejection. If you are not interested, be an adult and say no thank you. If I were to see you on the street and attempt to strike up a conversation with you, would you be a kid about it or be a woman and reject? Everyone on here deserves an answer weather it is yes or no. That way if it is. No, us respectable men like me can say ok and good luck in finding what you are looking for. Treat others like you want to be treated. If I writ you, do I not come correctly introducing myself and asking to chat? I don't ask for p shots or t shots. I don't come off using lame game. My personality is my ice breaker. Hey. First off, if you say yes to meet me, I won't know so drop a line and I know I'm not the best looking guy, but I know I'm not the worst either. as my username states,I am a big guy but I'm working on losing the poundage. I feel great too. I'm not doing it to get women, I'm doing it to see my beautiful monsters grow up get married n make me a grandpa. I know most of you will pass on me once you see me but I say to you thank you for doing so. By you skipping me you give the one an opportunity for us to connect. We will have loads of fun with my children and hers if she had any and if she's a big woman, who cares. All these women post they want no games but they go for the ones who keep playing games. I do not understand. Most of us sincere men will be the ones that don't ask for revealing photos off the bat. As a real man, I find that tacky and disrespectful. I didn't have a man raise me. My mother was a single mother n she enstilled in me value of women. Ladies, if you want a man, I'm that man. I don't have a lot of material items to offer but I do my damnest to see you smile and keep you happy. If that's not the man you are looking for, good luck. I know people on here that ruined my marriage like my brother and sister in laws that's why I don't have an actual pic. I don't mind emailing them or using Kik. Please don't say yes to meet me because I don't believe in paying for these sites since they generate their own profiles to get you to pay. I would hate to miss my one because of that. If you are interested drop me a line. I try to check as much as possible

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