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I truly hate this part never seem to know what to say exactly everytime I  am honest and try to say exactly what I want but never seem to find it!!!  So if your interested please bare with me here and just contact me and really get to know me for real so far in my life everyone who has ever truly known me has liked me and wanted me in their lives so I'm sure that anyone who took the time to know me would feel the sameway!!! I'll try my best now to tell you what I'm looking for exactly I'd like to meet a good woman who is willing,ready,and able to take care of me in and out of the bedroom,a high sex drive and liking to have most kinds of sex would be very appreciated!!!  I am not very difficult to deal with or take care of when it comes to house hold needs my biggest problem so far in life is finding a woman who can and wants to satisfy me in the bedroom!!! I have been suffering from an illness called fibromyalgia for many years now so you know yes it has taken stuff from my life that I love I use to be a really good athlete but now because of the none stop pain my activities have been changed and limited!!!  So hopefully you are the kind of woman who doesn't need to go out very often!!!  Well I probably can keep going on but I'm going to stop here so please if any good woman out there wants a good guy then please message me and give me a true chance!!! Thank You for checking me out have a great one!!!  TTYL  Bill


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