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United States
Santa Ana
My name is Andrew, I'm 20 years old, I live in Santa Ana, Orange County, I still live with my parents and younger brother, but I am hoping to move out soon. I go to Santiago Canyon in Orange, undecided on my major but probably gonna major in Biology since it leads to a lot of great careers, and I will admit, that I like science, I hope to transfer to Chapmale or Cal State Fullerton soon, I live in Santa Ana, have lived there my whole life, but right by the Orange borderline so I like to consider it Orange more. I consider myself a down-to-earth, fun person, I love meeting new people, I am always down for it, I love to have a good time wherever I am at, I feel that high school and the other previous years of my life have helped me learn from my mistakes and have make me the person I am today, I look at struggles in a good way because getting turned down, rejected, or going through any struggle is a learning experience. I am crazy about movies, you could that I am a movie dork, haha, I go to the movies like almost every weekend. I also love to hang out with my friends, going to the gym, concerts, going to the beach, theme parks such as Disneyland, Knotts, and Universal Studios, I love roller coasters, I love the toss and turns. I am currently single, and I am hoping to meet a girl that is easy to talk to, that I can talk about and tell anything to, someone I can always be myself around, loves to hang out, has similiar interests, likes me for who I am, and loves to have a good time whenever, and wherever she is at. I know that I will be a great catch for any girl, I will always be there for her when ever she needs me and if she can talk to me about anything, she is more than welcome too, so if you are interested in getting to know me, feel free to message me, I swear I do not bite.

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