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United States
New York
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In no particular order I like: Travel (multi-leg journeys or local day-trips), walkabouts with my dog, painting, mountain biking all over creation, working out in parks, cooking for my friends, good books, do-it-yourself projects, breakfast in bed, old adventure movies, long drives, all-nighters, getting tree sap on my hands, the smell of charcoal grills in the summer, the smell of freshly mowed lawns, and of course my work. I've had a really amazing time with life thus far, and wouldn't mind sharing it with someone special.

Most people do this all too often, spend their lives trying to be something, something or someone that they've seen on TV, what their parents, grandparents, friends or society expect them to be. Constantly trying to live up to something that most people never will. People should spend their lives trying to be who they ARE, themselves. People would find so much more fulfillment in life if they truly lived that way.

I'm a "do what you say, say what you mean, be noble and chivalrous—ALWAYS" kind of guy. I can't stand the games, drama and BS that come with dating. We will not get along if you have no clue what nobility is and you have none of it in yourself.

THE VISCERAL ME: I love to laugh and smile, play and be silly. My motto in life is: We should never lose that which we were born with: flying into life with the energy, splendor, vigor, innocence and curiosity of a child, which molds us & allows us to continually grow, but never to become jaded-as that's point in which all of the aforementioned ceases. I always find the positive in every experience—the eternal optimist and I'm thankful for everything I've been through, both good and bad. I've learned from every one of them and have grown into a solid individual.

THE INTUITIVE ME: I live by the belief that the system we live in drills into us that we're powerless and weak, fragmented and separate, that we're different. We've been lied to, we're powerful, beautiful... extraordinary, we're all part of a bigger system—we're one. There's no reason why we can't understand who we truly are and where we're going. When we finally learn our relationship to everything around us & one-another, our similarities as one, we can then become a truly empowered species. I believe that we're all a working part of this system and the more we put into it and give back, the more whole we become, individually and collectively.

Self-realization is a powerful thing, while it's heavy, it also liberates one's soul and spirit, it allows us to truly enjoy life on so many more levels and completely let loose, to live, love and laugh deeply.

I put myself out there 100%. I hate dating, I like to find one woman and devote my time to her and her alone.

I'm looking for a WOMAN who is the epitome of self-confidence and self-awareness, who truly LOVES, HONORS and RESPECTS HERSELF. She can (and does) give herself FULLY to life and love. She should feel deeply, love UNCONDITIONALLY, experience strongly and truly feel life. I'm looking for that RARE WOMAN who actually cares for all and doesn't JUDGE people. I DON'T CARE what your friends and family say about YOU, I want to know what the strangers on the street would say about you when you walk away from them, THAT is a true mark of who you are as a person.

I do live, love and laugh every day of my life, even in the worst of times and I ask for nothing more than I can give, but at least that which I can give, in any relationship, be it friendship or more.

Good luck, and blessings to all:)



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