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Daddy Whorebucks wants to adopt YOU as my Li'l Whore-a-Fun Annie
United States
Looking For:

Daddy Whorebucks wants to adopt YOU as my fully supported Li'l Whore-a-Fun Annie..

If you haven't learned yet, text talk is cheap in cyber fantasy la la land, and actions in 3D reality will always speak louder than all those words you read, or write in 2D text.. My sexually deviant libido in 3D reality actions will speak louder than any words in this profile, or from texting with me here, or at Stray_Cat_Daddyo on yahoo IM chat.  And 3D reality is the only way you'll really ever know if anyone is at all grounded in reality, or being realistic in their 2D text profiles, or messages to you, or for you to even really know for sure that.....

I'm honestly ...
Living Alone;
Able to play 24/7;
Debt free w/no felonies;
At a biological age of 42;
STD negative with proof;
Not jealous, or possessive;
Standing 5' 11" at a 165 lbs;
Street smart w/MBA degree;
Fit, toned and HWP w/a 23.6 BMI;
Well rounded, and grounded in reality;
Financially secure now for the rest of my life;
The libertine sex deviant you see in recent photos;
Willing to meet in a public place within a 6 hour drive;
Experienced in 100s of public sex, and group sex scenes;
Willing to pay all US airfare to secure a 24/7 slave to sex;
Willing to pay all expenses in securing a 24/7 slave to sex;
Able to play 24/7 w/a slut slave while fully supporting her;
Skilled at massaging a g-spot into multiple squirting orgasms;
Circuit train most days at a gym to stay physically/sexually fit;
Experienced in leading sluts into this alt-sex lifestyle since 21.

Unlike a pimp sharing his whore with others for mostly all his profit, a Whore Daddy safely, openly, and freely shares his slut for his arousal, and a whore for all her profit if she wants to earn her own income.   It's mostly irrelevant now after moving here to FL in 2013 that I worked for over 15 years in the Nevada hotel casino bizz as essentially a corporate pimp connecting 100s of prostitutes to 1000s of casino guests, while also a Whore Daddy to a few slutty Vegas ex-wives also serving in the sex industry.  I had to leave that life behind a few short years ago to move my elderly mother from NY to a retirement town a few hours drive south of me here in Florida, where I need to stay within a few hours driving distance until she passes.

What is relevant now is that I became a sexual deviant with multiple deviant fetishes after living most of my life in Nevada as predominately a Whore Daddy. My sexually aberrant personality, and deviant libido can only be satiated from full control over the sexuality and physicality of a 24/7 slut slave to sex.  My sexual arousal revolves around the full control I have over a slut slave to share her sexuality and physicality anywhere, in anyway I want her to safely erotically serve my sexually deviant libido.  The more a slave to sex safely, and openly serves as a slut for many, the more I sexually crave her, and have sex with her.  When I don't need my slave to sex to safely, and openly slut serve my sexually deviant libido in public sex, and group sex scenes, I empower, and encourage her to continue enjoying all the safe sex she wants, with everyone she wants to, in anyway she wants to as an ethical slut, and/or a whore subject to my conditions, and rules. 

I  am financially secure for life now, while also earning an endless, steady stream of monthly passive investment income I mostly save. I am easily able to fully support a 24/7 slave to sex serving me as a slut without either of us ever needing to work for money ever again.  I am free to play 24/7, and will fully support only a 3 holed 24/7 SLUT in this alt-sex lifestyle that openly, and safely shares her sexuality and physicality with the world around us, and many in it as an insatiable slave to sex.   If a slut wants to earn her own income beyond the 24/7 comfortable, hedonistic, libertine life of leisure, play, and travel I fully support her in, I would very stimulated from being a Whore Daddy again serving her as my slutty whore in the sex industry for all her profit.

To serve my sexually aberrant personality, and multiple deviant fetishes, like any real slave in this alt-sex lifestyle, you'll need to be limitless in your sexual surrender, except for the limits you're given.  Which in my case is anything with minors, causes STDs, permanent damage, scars, or hospitalization, and involve scat.  The world around us, and everyone in it will know you are my slut slave to sex, and I am your Task Master, and Whore Daddy if you want to also serve as a whore for all your profit.  My sexual deviancy revolve around the Adrenalin pumping nude, lewd, crude, and/or taboo public exhibitionist sex, and group sex scenes I've led former slutty cock 'n cum whores into 100s of times.  The more shocking, degrading, and taboo the scenes I lead my slut slave into, the more I will crave her sexually, and enjoy sex with her. My sexually aberrant personality, and deviant libido will be more motivated to assertively lead you into public exhibitionist, gang bang, and orgy scenes far more often than you serving me alone at any level in a BDSM alt-sex lifestyle.  

I have no reason, need, or desire to hide my sexual deviant libido, and personality from the world around us. And neither will you as my 24/7 slut slave TO sex with no need to ever again be a wage slave while serving my sexually deviant personality, and libido.  You'll ironically be more sexually free, and liberated as my libertine slut slave to sex than you are now.  IF you self labeled yourself a "Slave" here on CS, then submit yourself as one in a message to be a fully supported 24/7 sooner than later in this alt-sex lifestyle. 


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