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ABOUT ME:I am 30 years old and dependent on my retired old parents and I've apparently made life for them difficult... 'DI-FFI-CULT' , BUT whats the definition to that word? So what if I want to get drunk and fall to my death, Swear like a sailor, Bashed up a guy who got more grades than me and end up in police station, So what if I've run up a bill, left my washing on the floor, or stole your bottle of whisky you wasn't going to drink... Without principles and morals our lives would be different, and I'd be an angel. Except Im not BUT I'm not doing to badly. STOP! STOP! STOP! b4 jumping to next profile... Well that descriptions isn't true I was joking :o)) I believe few thousand words can't describe a person or may be i am not good enough to describe myself... anyways... If u r interested in my profile or pics or both :0) or just looking for a mate to laugh and fun or even just to have a drink with, then Do msg!... Otherwise C'est la vie! Best of luck on ur search.

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