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For the most part, I'm not really trying to put my face all over the Internet, which is why I have only body pics here. Most would most likely consider me good looking. Probably above average, but even if it was more than above, I’d probably be too modest to realize it.


What I'm really trying to share... and maybe physically my best asset... Is not my face. Something that's almost the size of you're average FiOS/Cablevision remote (in case you can't see it clearly here); something that's waiting for someone out there; maybe you? Haha guess that's being pretty straightforward.


My recent carousing of Internet hook-up sites, like this one, was originally motivated by the desire to find casual encounters—hence my name and headline—putting my ample endowment to good use... But it's yet to work, and now I'm thinking (while still primarily focused on having some no-strings-attached-fun) I'd possibly be a little open minded to something a little more. So, if you're interested in having some mind-blowing things done to you, but aren't necessarily looking for someone whose sole intent is to **** you and then bounce, I could be that happy medium?


I'm extremely smart, moderately funny, and very... charming. I have a decent corporate job, but only as a means to an end. I’ve really been focusing on writing during all my spare time—which I’m confident will eventually be my sole means of employment.


In all honesty, I used to have a fair amount of sex (enough to become a pro...several long relationships), but recently, I just haven't had the time or energy to go out and find someone. Broke up with my GF of two years last spring, and I'm finally tired of just waiting around for something to fall into my lap.


I realize some people might not message on here. If you like what you see, and you wanna contact me, I'm at: my username at goooogle mail.


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