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I dunno how 2 describe muhself basically because every individual knows different things about me and had difrnt experiences wit me so... heck, how do i introduce muhself in a way that is me?! lemme give it a try, im funny, but not every1 thinks i am. im serious at times and i want to be alone. i like crazy stuffs and bein with crazy people. i do crazy things, watch crazy movies, buy crazy stuffs. i like bein me, and i don't wanna be hell like somebody else!!! not evry1 gets my drift but it's all good, i don't like people who always agrees with me, they're boring... i like discussions, not arguments. it keeps the brain workin'. im not the type who always says what's in my mind when it comes to other people. i like to keep my opinions secret regarding that. but i do know how to appreaciate achievements and kindness. i don't find it healthy to be talking about other people, moreso entertaining. i love mah family and they're the best gift i got from God. i love hangin out wit mah my friends, and i love meeting people. i believe that meeting people and touching many lives in one way or the other is what we're here for. to share ya lyf wit sum1. to teach, to share, to love...mushy... yeap, sumtyms i am. i also love playing good music, though i dunno how to play any musical instrument except for piano...nor sing...kinda weird but i think it'll be fun!! finally, im still a kid but i act like a grown up..

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