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Just chillin
United States
Wallingford PA
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I'm a lesbian. I'm an alert person. I can get annoyed sometimes..But it's hard to get me annoyed. I can be ambitious with certain things. I'm an apologetic person.. When I think someone is mad at me I say sorry a lot. I don't like to be an argumentative person.. It's just not worth arguing with someone. I can be bashful. I'm bold. I'm brave, and to the point. I try very hard to be a bright person.. My interests: Music, Art, History, Politics, Writing, Rapping, Dreaming, Imagination, Readinng, Mysterious things, writing poetry, girls, Mythology, Creativity, Individuality, writing poetry, peace, music, finding new music, Hobbies: Bmx, Rapping, doodling(lol), video games, writing in my journal, 
My likes: piercings & tattoos, girls, guitars, drums, Deep conversation, Honesty, Post-it notes, Gel pens, unicorns , Black, and bright colors, When someone goes out of their way to do something for me, Spending time with loved ones, my computer, Intelligence, Smiling/laughing, Helping people, Reading a really good book, amusement parks, good horror movies, freedom, Playing Cards, Horror Documentaries, Someone I can count on
Dislikes: PeOplE WhO tyPe LikE tHIS | Words left unsaid, Me being depressed, Being unable to sleep, How hard I am on myself, Complicated situations, Stress, Liars, Rudeness, Being put on the spot, backstabbers, People who leave me behind because I’m depressed, When I pour my heart out to someone I really like and when they find out the dark side of me(they push me away), people who dont listent to me( When I’m upset and trying to express myself


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