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Fear killed more dreams then failure
United States
olympia fields
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Andrew (Or at least a part of him)- Outgoing, personable, laid back, creative, driven, well educated, sarcastic, nerd, goofy, sarcastic, funny, DIY attitude fun person who has many passions in life. I have an extremely big heart but won't hesitate to stand up for myself or something I believe in. Things I do for fun: -Create and Design. I can and will create anything the given moment inspires me to. I do creative design and digital marketing for a living so i'm blessed to have a job that is also a passion and a hobby of mine at the same time. - Learn/Read. Whether touching up on something or educating myself on a topic I want to learn and/or use, I love to self educate. - Music. Researching new talent, listening, you name it and I'lll do it. Major part of my life. - Socialize. Could be a concert, networking event, friends for a few drinks at a bar etc. I'm up for whatever as long as I'm surrounded with good people. - Sports. Watch or play. Now mostly watch, my on court game was MUCH more impressive when I was younger. Still pissed nobody ever told me my athleticism would reach it's ceiling at age 17. - Travel. I travel high end at ridiculously low prices with my friends, so ya, that's a lot of fun. - Challenge Myself. If I don't who will? One day I'd like to have a partner who challenges me on a daily basis. - Looking For: Honestly, Friends, networking, dating, serious relationship, i'm open to them all. However it happens it happens. There's nothing wrong with meeting someone and being just friends or can network. That said, I don't turn down good opportunities because I'm not actively seeking a relationship. I'm a play it by ear type person. Anything else just ask. I love hearing other people's story's, I find them very intriguing. I'm super easy to talk to, get along with and can hold a conversation while making you laugh so feel free to hit me up for whatever.

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