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I'm pretty much just an average 21 year old guy. I'm a very strong member of the Martial Arts community. I work out quite often training for martial arts as well as an upcoming Spartan Race. I'm not real muscular, but I often get complimented on my peck and shoulder muscles. I'll be purely blunt here. I'm looking for someone to hookup with to have some fun with. I have very little experience with sex, and am looking for someone to help me expand myself there ;) I'm very open to starting a close relationship with someone as well. Local Area only, and someone 18-25. If you're located near me, and or want to see some other pics feel free to add me on sky pe (same username) if you wanna chat. I'm not planning on wasting money on upgrading my account, so I won't be able to view or send any messages on here.

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