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Hey, I`m a 25 year old man who is very laid Back and likes to Live life to the fullest. I haven`t done a site like this before but I thought it would be right up my ally being as I`m a nympho and can`t find a woman that enjoys sex as much as myself. I like to drink rarely often but that`s what I do during the summer. I am a musician/song writer. I Love nature and have always imagined being intimate under the stares. Idk if I was supposed to Go into detail as to what I like in the sac but I guess I`ll let you ask me so we can get to find a common ground. On a side note I`m not looking for anything serious but I`m not apposed to starting a relationship with someone who can fully understand who I am. Another side note haha I`m a bit of a gamer/anime nerd. And one More thing if you talk to ne you must be blunt and straight forward because if you want a relationship with me that`s the only way it will work. I don`t understand vague body language or hints but that mostly applies to sex sometimes other things. I like to ne dominant and submissive so I guess this whole bio is a vague description of what I`m looking for. But if you think you understand me then by all means hit me up. As far as body type and looks I don`t really care unless you`re horribly disfigured or missing limbs I`m not into that lol but otherwise I`m very judge free and everyone is beautiful to me.

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