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Loves nothing more than a cup of cappuccino in a garden, while hearing classical music in the background. Also enjoys swing,blues,jazz,classic rock and electronic music, along with fishing,poetry, paintball and hiking Not very surprisingly... I also like creatures, monsters, astronomy,economics,high art, vikings and weapons I am a very loveable, passionate and sweet person under this thick tough hide... just take your time to get to know me, and please give me time, I am very patient and well meaning. I try to be warm,kind and loving, I really enjoy when people know where they stand with me. I am very trustworthy and I enjoy making people feel good. I can be really funny and charming, as I can crack jokes in appropriate and inappropriate moments. I tend to see the funny side of things and try to keep my friends happy. I tend to find fulfillment in good company, intelligent discussion and a long adventure, which involves; traveling , exploring and experimenting. I generally very reserved and quiet, I keep what I think generally to myself. I may be a quiet person ... but I am not stupid.

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