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General Info
Cute guy looking for Cute girls and Cute guys!!! (: <3
United States
Eau Claire
Looking For:
Man, Woman

I'm looking for pictures, and videos. I like watching you touch yourself, whether you're a guy or a girl.

But if you're in the area then message me, and maybe we can hook up someting up. Lookng for those who just want some fun, maybe some arranged fun on weekends.

I don't like crazy sex, no toys, no nothing. I can accomplish that without those things. It doesn't get really crazy, but I have fun, and can make you nice and wet, or nice and hard. ;D I also like switching positions. I can also be passionate when I have sex. Usually I like to just be intimate, and not switch positions. I like to make YOU feel good, and amazing, while making myself feel good later. (;

My turn-ons are, neck biting, lip biting, and biting my ear are major turn-ons, touching yourself, good kissing, tongue, licking pussy, getting my dick sucked, naked, good looking body and face. I don't like it when you beautiful girls cake on makeup. I want to see all of you, naked or clothed. You'd find that if we were to be a couple. (;

Unless you seem like someone for me, and we can take it further than just fun, promiscuous friends. (; Mostly looking for a fun loving person who isn't crazy, won't cheat, and is good looking and committed to a realtionship that they want to last, too. (: <3


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