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Getting back into things!
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Very much in tune with nature, the future, and the current state of humanity. Lucky enough to have intellect, strength, AND creativity! Forward thinking, honest, respectful, romantic, and appreciative of a good challenge. Open to all music, however, very few favoites that can moove my soul in any significant fashion. Bleeding edge science and technology fascinate me and I'm always in the know for CURRENT breakthroughs in all fields. Quirky and random humor, I thrive off of purposefully taking things out of context for a good laugh! Heavily realism and logic driven, but can appreciate the irrational and nonsensical. I can debate a wide range of philosophy for days! I have a love of both the indoors and outdoors in equal amounts. I get along with just about everyone and tend to just avoid those that throw out a bad vibe. I'm an enemy to no one (it would surprise me if I found out I do actually have an enemy.) Sex is not my #1 priority, good company is. That said, I could get down on a daily basis without issue! :P I am LOOKING for a long term relationship, but given my current circumstances, would prefer some casual encounters in the meantime!


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