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Tired of reading the same boring profile over and over again? “I like hanging out with friends, going to the beach, and swimming / climbing / sandcastle building.” Fascinating, and utterly unique. NOT! Boring... yawn. Onto the next profile. Me? Yes I'm Irish and recently single, chances are, I probably like the same things you do and have done them/do them regularly. Because I do all kinds of shit. Like you wouldn't even BELIEVE. That's right lady, sit down before you have a heart attack. Do I like clubbing? Yes, I'm the master of your favorite nightclub. Traveling? I've been to that country you've wanted to visit since you were five. Like, twice. Outdoors? Bear Grylls...Dude, put down the piss, you're drunk, Sudoku? No, actually... that one's all yours. You? I expect you to be AMAZING. Like, capable of both kicking Angelina Jolie's ass all over Hollywood, while at the same time being able sweet talk Elton John straight. Looks are important. Intelligence is important. Laughter is important. In fact, everything's important. If you've got it ALL going on, apply below. If not... don't worry, there are still plenty of guys on here who play the Piano and know how to Knit and would love to get to know you better at a Starbuck's located somewhere between both of your addresses. Think you can handle me? You're probably wrong. But if you're bold, go ahead and try and find out...

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