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BAM! Ok so let us begin with this epic description... So there I was, standing right in the middle of the Starbucks line with my black leather boots, studded silver belt, and wearing my new dark blue jeans. For your information, these weren't just any kind of dark blue jeans... these were freshly bought bluejeans that were as stiff as a cardboard box! There it was...staring into my eyes and sending shockwaves of bewilderment throughout my entire body. I became so cheerful and excited. You know that excited feeling you get when you open a gift? You see the beautiful wrapping and you notice how you become excited to open the present. You anticipate what is inside.Your breathing becomes slightly faster, your heart pounds in your chest? Yes, all of this happened to me. The thing staring back at me was a picture of the epic Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino. I wanted this pumpkin spice treat. So much so, that I momentarily forgot that I was walking in BOX PANTS. The end result was absolute bliss. So what is up with this coffee story? Well, this is just a small yet awesome segment from my life. I am all about experiencing life to the fullest. I love spreading joy to every one I meet and helping people break out of the monotony of "mindless robot living".. It seems that so many people are afraid to truly connect and express themselves. These days, so many people miss out on the wonderful opportunities to experience joy, happiness, and are afraid that others will judge them negatively. Based on my observations, people trap themselves within themselves. Don't you want to be free and live life to the fullest? To feel so alive and empowered that every day you wake up out of bed you say "Yes! I get to live another day of awesome life, and bring it on! Time to make the best breakfast ever! (oatmeal). That you wake up, and are so excited about your life's direction that every day feels like opening beautifully decorated presents. I don't know about you, but that inspires me just by thinking about it. I have such a hard on for life and you should too. Deep inside of every one of you is a unique and shining star. Many of you keep it caged up, even when it so desperately wants to be free. Do you like being caged up and restricted? You know what I say to that? "Forget that snizz yo". There are times when being serious is crucial, however, someone having a super expressionless pokerface while a tiny little bird bounces up and down, tweeting and then flying off into the nearest tree is totally rediculous. (Be aware and open your eyes. There is beauty in everything as long as you have the eyes to see it that way. I love how even something as simple as telling a stranger to "have an awesome day today", can open them up to a brighter day. Shazam! I have spoken. Tis a little bit about me. Looking forward to talking with you and getting to know you. So what do you do next?.. you should totally go to starbucks or send me a message, or both! :) Either way, fun awaits. You like having fun right? You totally do. Make your life awesome, you owe it to your beautiful self. And you smell great. Talk to you soon,

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