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Ok here's me in a nutshell I have a beautiful daughter that is my blood. And a couple boys that I treat as my own. with my awesome old lady, well when she wants to be. We have had some differences in the past and some bad choices that we cant take back. But I do love that beotch. And don't really see us separating in the near future. But over the years we have become like this bickering best friends. And strayed away from lovers. :( be that as it may I fear that me and my hand have been getting to close and we need to break away to better pleasures like yourself. So if you are reading this your hired and must message me right away for appointment details :) I'm a fun good looking guy that will always be honest and up front about everything. It's hard and rare to even know of someone that is real. But there you have it as real as it gets.

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