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#Proud To Still Be A Virgin!
United States
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10 FACTS ABOUT ME: 1. ) I am terrible at conversations, but please don't get that confused with being shy. The two of those have different meanings. 2. ) I love exploring new things. I am really open minded. I am open to doing any activities or hobbies. 3. ) I am hilarious. I always having a joke ready for about anything. I know how to turn just about any sentences into a joke. Though it may take some thought. Also, I love goofing off and having fun, 4. ) I am way to honest. If you want to know anything I will give you only the truth. 5. ) I am loyal! I am forever yours and yours alone. I will never leave you! 6. ) I am very overly caring, if that even exist. If we start talking a lot you will learn this. 7. ) [b]I LOVE ANIME!!![/b] If you don't know what that is, just ask and I will tell you. Its something that s apart of my life daily. 8. ) Being romantic. very self-explanatory 9. ) I am intelligent. I may not show it much, but I can be very smart. If we start conversing you will see that I am. I just hide it. 10. ) I love doing anything that involves the outdoors. Hiking, cycling, stargazing, fishing, wildlife searching, walking trails, camping, running or jogging, I am into just about anything on a great day. ~ OTHER NOTES ~ 11. ) This is only 10 and 10 is what it will stay at. If you want to know more about me then lets start talking. After all, conversation is the best way to get to know someone 12. ) if you never want me to message you again let me know... IMPORTANT NOTE: I am on here looking for that special someone, that someone who can make me happy everyday... : ) I am not here to fool around.. Looking for a serious long term relationship! #Proud To Still Be A Virgin!

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