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Whyy am i always horny!!
United States
Looking For:

Hey Hey Hey,(;
Yeah, My Name's Kyle.
"Dont Hate" Just Love It.

-I'm very akward.


- I Site Model.. Idk Why But I Do(;

-I dance in the shower like ah boss beacuse i am a boss?! i think! sometime's i like to kick people in the face. with my fist! 

-I Love Quote's! i stalk peoples quotes like every day <_< yeah not much lmao ((:

-i'm the best in the world at what i do so dont bitch and cry about me beating you lmfao(:

-i love meeting new people their funn((:

"I Loveeee Music!!!!" ,Dot Dot Curve,I Set My Friends On Fire,The Lonely Island, I SWEAR! DONT PLAY FUCKING JUSTIN FAGGER <_<

-I Have Sooo Many Buddies! Like Like Like!!!.... Chris Barnes , Erika :33 , Zoeyy Bunneh!! , Kelli Baker, AND! Me(:
their are my best buddies beacuse i woveee them ♥! Ohh And Leo Davis And Daniel Van Pelt They Beast <_<

Nuu I Dont Follow Trends Only Dumbass's Do. People That Call Themselves "EMO" Make Meh Giggle. Yes You Can Be "EMO" But Its Not A Trend. Its A Damm Emotion. Stop Cutting Yourselfs Looks At "YOU" -___- Dont Make Me Sad D: ....


I love SKITTLES!!!! Fuck You! Their Mine.! <_< "Asshole@!"

I Love the colors ,Black , Green, Yellow, Red, Pink, Silver, Blue, BUT!! I Love!!! Whitee ♥! Or Lime Green!

-Im The Hulk Hogan Of Slaming "Muff"- (: -Jon Lajoie

I Like Acting Retarted Hehe Makes People Laugh And Thats What I Live For Is Too Make People Laugh.

I'm A Very Good Skater But I Love Too BMX But I Fail At That Dont Laugh!! -Kicks You- Yeahh Shutupp <_<

Anyywaysss Add Me Ill Accept Anyone♥ Except "Them!" <_< Whos That??! Idk ....

Dont Spamm Me I'll Fuckk Your Shit Up(:

Vagina = Epic... Yeah? (;

I light a candle and place it up on the mantle
Grab a knife at the blade and stab you with the fuckin handle
So when you find yourself wrapped up in the blinds, hurtin
Bitch it's too late
Cause once you're hung from the drapes, it's curtains!!

Lmao, Fail Info♥ Ohh Well I Dont Give A Fuck If You Dont Like My Shit(;

Add Meh(: I Got Poptarts! (;

Cya Bitch!


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