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Genuine guy looking for a good time
United States
Santa Barbara
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I'm a pretty normal guy who in enjoying every minute of my life. I moved back to Santa Barbara recently to finish school, I'll graduate soon and I'm loving everything about it. I'll read anything I can get my hands on and I enjoy writing, I'm a bit of a nerd that way. Thinking about grad school but not sure yet. When I'm not in school or studying I'm usually in the gym, at the beach, hanging w/my friends or golfing. I love '80s movies, sci-fi, and South Park, and I hate reality TV, Jersey Shore, the Kardashians, Jersey S-----, everyone who is famous for no reason, and people who have text conversations while they drive.
I'm not too good at meeting females but I am working on it, that's why I'm on here.
I like all types of women but I am especially attracted to long hair, blue and green eyes, high heels and curves. I can have fun anywhere, but I can't stand people who are fake, inconsiderate and who lack common courtesy.


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