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I guess I will start off telling you a few things about myself and what it is Iam searching for. Well, my name is Andrew. Iam probably the most easy going guy you will ever encounter. I seldom let the little things in life get at me. Iam always smiling and laughing. I actually enjoy making people smile and laugh so that helps. Iam the type of guy that listens to his feelings and his sixth sense and acts on them accordingly, some say I'm a fast mover because of this but, I say why wait if the true feelings are there? I have a wide taste in music that starts from say slow jazz and ends at say screamo. As for my movie taste, well that's easy, horror or thriller lol but Iam game for other suggestions if needed. And last but never least, I have a cat and dog for my companions right now. Now for what Iam looking for. Iam looking for a woman that can speak her mind, easy going and open. I hope she enjoys laughing and smiling as much as I do. And either an animal lover like myself or atleast knows how to use a lint roller for the pet hair lol. finally I want loyalty.

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