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Love can be hard too
United States
Staten Island
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I am a man that believes in love.  Not some naive you can take in a scam kind of way either.  It is from a mature man who understands nature and the nature of a woman.  The best women in the world raised me (Mom and my late Grandma) - and that is that.  I can fuck with the best pretty good and if you're really into me then I can fuck like - well I can be very good and without any doubt I will show you what romance is - what love is because when my mouth and my fingers make love to you in a way that leaves nothing undone, all brought to fever pitch, calmed down a bit then brought back up till you will start to feel as if you are on the Cyclone in Coney Island lol, well then you will understand fully. If this sounds like something you are interested in and are not a scam and are attractive, smooth skinned and nice - I will be a nice man to know for lonely nights, for those days that you could use a shoulder to cry on - to hold you as a friend and talk you out of doing something dumb - to protect you physically and I am quite capable of that and you can ask me anything about that or anything else since I have nothing to hide literally as per my pics now testify lol.


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