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Moved to Seattle a few months ago for a job in downtown. I'm looking for a down to earth young woman who desires some quality time with a charming, thoughtful, caring, passionate young man. Thoughtful to a fault. Attentive but not smothering. Love to ride my motorcycle, go hiking or to the beach, coffee and conversation, overcast days relaxing to music or a good film. Playing guitar, singing, writing, interested in all things art. Appreciate good food, coffee, beer, spirits, cocktails. Scorpio, 50's biker meets 80's rebel, leather everything (jackets, belts, boots, gloves), dark jeans and silver rings. Slicked dark brown hair, close cropped on the sides. Dark brown eyes. Olive skin completion. Slim and toned. No tattoos, but entertaining the thought. Spiritual but not religious. Mostly buddhist, libertarian. I believe in drawing out foreplay and building momentum. If we watch a movie, I'll likely offer to massage your back, shoulders, arms and hands. If you stay over, I'll likely kiss your neck and behind your ear as you drift to sleep. Would love to find a tame emo/punk/scene/rocker/biker chick who is attracted to the lonewolf, mysterious type. Also interested in other types and styles, so don't let that be a damning factor. Into trying new things. Often find that what really gets me off is pleasing my lady.. Enjoy the ebb and flow of switching up submissive and dominant roles. Nothing extreme. Just one spontaneously taking control as the other succumbs. A little biting, lots of tongue, love kissing ears, neck, collarbone, kissing in general. If this intrigues you, if this is what you're looking for, let's go out for coffee/lunch/a drink and get to know each other! If we spark, let's let the flame burn... Interested in a like minded individual with similar values.

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