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If you like drama, you won't like me.
United States
Looking For:

Wanted by MANY, taken by NONE, talking to SOME, just waiting for O N E.

Hey, how's it going. My name is Marc.

MarcFromTheDark Competes on ABC's new TV show Karaoke Battle USA 2011!

Tune in on August 12th, check your guide for showtimes!

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I'm located in Los Angeles California. Originally from Houston Texas.

I'm here hoping to meet someone genuine, not just good looking. I like this website, it gives me a chance to meet people on a more intellectual level and chat first in a safe environment with an option to leave if I choose to. I like to meet women with substance and beauty.

I'm interested in meeting a good looking, fit, sexy, smart and classy woman, between 5'3-5'9.

Some things about the inner me:

I am a passionate singer, and I sing from my soul. I was raised by my mother, so I tend to get along better with women. I appreciate good company, fun times, or just a relaxing day to chill. Watching a sunset is a romantic thing for me.

I love to make people laugh, and can become the life of the party around the right people!

I'm a nerd at heart. Don't tell anyone. :)

I enjoy taking my motorcycle out and about, especially Malibu, it's gorgeous out there. I'm also a big fan of bowling.

I like to listen as well as speak, and would love to meet someone like that. If you're more of the talking type, I'm happy to hear what you have to say. I'm not a fan of shy women. People tell me I'm quite the funny type, see for yourself!


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