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I am an ardent practitioner of love making
New Delhi
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I am an ardent practitioner of love making & have a very good appetite for sexual intercourse penetrative or non penetrative where I can perform for an hour or two at a stretch without ejaculating at all and can lick a woman's vagina perfectly be it hairy or not for hours put together, can finger fist her G-spot so that she achieves the ultimate peak of an orgasm. I am essentially someone who belongs to the old school of thought of love making with a female, an act full of sensuality & compassion, where its essentially not a sexual intercourse but comprises of every act of love making including kissing, fondling, caressing, licking every possible female body curve & contour essentially every inch of her skin, head to toe. Licking and lapping her sweat, saliva, love juices & everything she feels like offering hungrily like a puppy, making her feel as if she is a darling pampered princess who is treated and worshiped as a Goddess. I am a quite innovative and creative artist in bed. I can make love with you in the most passionate sensual steamy sweaty full of erotism & fetishism where I kiss, lick, lap, suck, suckle, nibble, eat all of you from head to toe, all your curves & contours and peaks & valleys. Tongue fuck & finger/toe fist you in over 75 postures for over 4-5 hours and then hump, pump & pound you stuffing you in all your three holes in over 128 positions for over 2-3 hours. Make you achieve the most powerful of orgasms, almost two dozen in a row where you land up destroying the bed linen with your own cum and ooze out gallons more which lands up dripping from your cunt to your knees. Treat & pamper you like a Goddess during oral and then fuck & stuff you like a bitch. Have all your bodily secretions inside and just have you completely barring no square inch of your skin.

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