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Firstly, do you know how much a drink generally costs on a night out, say a Vodka and Diet Coke or a JD and Diet Coke. If there answer is no, then please continue to read. If you do happen to know the price of these drinks, it means that you have to buy your own drinks, as you are too unsightly for a guy to offer to buy you any. And this would mean we would have little in common as I like to be a gentleman and buy a lady a drink, but I'm not into charity work and don't take pity on people, as pity is the worst thing you can ever give anyone. So for those of you who said no; Well, I guess I am the same as most people on here really, just want to find someone nice and have some good times with. I will tell you a bit about myself, what I like doing and blah. I like to go on bike rides, I cycle a lot and love to have a good run too. I'm not a gym nut, just want to stay in some sort of shape. A shape of pure sex and excellence. If I could be, I'd be a pirate. I'd love all the gold I'd get to keep, drinkign all the rum, the women and sailing, sailing is king.... plus the clothes and point hats and getting to carry a badass sword. I'm a very creative person, I'm into art and poetry. I like to paint and write my own. Musically I can play guitar, piano and drums all to a very high standard and have in the past played in bands. I love to cook and I enjoy cooking for others, I have found it to be a natural talent of mine. I'm more of an ale drinking, rather than a larger drinker. I love camping, when I was younger, I used to always go camping with my friends as often as we could, wicked memories. Now most of my holidays are more lesiureable. The last time I went away was on a cruise boat with my friends Jon and Simon. We met this guy called Anders. He was from Norway and was a God among men. He made me feel humble, loved, sexy and dangerous all at the same time. Up until the point that we met him, me and my friends were unsure as to which direction our lives were headed. Now we all strive to be just like Anders. If you havent already been wowed by the charm of Anders then please feel free to message me and I can tell you more stories about him and look at the picture I keep of him in my wallet. He was just so majestic. What a character, what a guy. I like to fill my days with the following activities: clothes, music, guitar hero, making sweet love, hanging out with Jon and generally being awesome. I also enjoy films, skittles, coke (not the drug, although maybe if its free because it would make me look and feel like Tony Montana), onion rings, lovely aftershave, the smell of freshly cut grass, the awesome music styling of Pearl Jam, The Smiths, Gaslight Anthem, Ryan Adams, Patti Smith, The Pixies & TOOL, the comedy of JIM JEFFERIES, TV adventures such as, The Wire, 30 Rock, Californication & The Mighty Boosh....... and the touch of a woman. I love to dance, I felt as if this point needed it's own line. And also, I had some blue skittles this evening and they were totally awful. Words I enjoy useing in an ironic sense; immense, wicked, wizard, stella, awesome, bangin', toats, sweet & safe. In this hot weather, I tend to roll my jeans up instead of wearing shorts, as I find that it is immensely, wicked, awesome, bangin', toasts sweet and safe fashionable at the current moment. Thank you Topman. And I have like 60 pairs of shoes because my life is slightly shallow and hollow. And by owning many materalistic things that I don't need, it helps shaddow the aching dissapointment I have with myself lerking deep in my soul. Please be entertaining though, I do find that I get very bored of girls quickly, as they can never keep me interested. I like someone who is a challenge, who has a bit of fire, a bit of bite, someone who can push me to being a better person. And no fat chicks. Not because I'm shallow, just I'm pretty slim with a 32" waist and we'd just look odd together. Plus I'd run the risk of you eating my food, which I wouldn't be happy about. I have tattoos too, which apprently girls think are sexy so I thought I'd best mention it, it might help me get somewhere. They're not prison tattoos which makes them less sexy, but at least you know there is no chance of me having got AIDS in the showers from my fellow inmates. If you can't tell by now, I am very sarcastic and take little seriously. DISCLAIMER : IF YOU ACTUALLY KNOW ME AND FEEL THE NEED TO MENTION THAT YOU SAW MY PROFILE ON HERE, DON'T. AS THAT WOULD NOT BE COOL AND I WOULD JUST TELL EVERYONE THAT YOU MESSAGED ME ASKING IF WE COULD SHARE BODILY FLUIDS SOMETIME. AND WE ALL KNOW THAT THEY'D BELIEVE ME, OVER YOU, YOU CRETIN.

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