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The Princess and the penis
United Kingdom
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Once upon a time, a Princess sough a penis... She was looking for a penis but she did not want to be bombarded with penis pictures as she found that a little too (brothers) grimm. She did specify ,however ,that the penis be not too big and not too small. She wanted a penis that was just right. After further thought on the matter the fair maiden decided that a penis that was 'too big' might in fact be quite an adventure and adjusted her ad accordingly. It was absolutely paramount that the penis be attached to a handsome prince. The maiden was a beauty and wanted a bit of a beast to tame. On second thoughts she decided that a beautiful beast would be just as suitable beautiful and beastly. Oxymorons would be permitted. Complete morons would not. The prince had to be more Peter Pan than Captain Hook. The Princess did not want a father figure... more a lost boy. The princess already been contacted by the likes of mr grumpy, dopey, and bashful et al and although these little guys were a laugh a minute she was looking for more of a Prince Charming who would give her a beautiful pearl necklace. She loved the way Pinochio's wooden nose grew and was hoping to make someone's wood grow too. Ulitmately, this fair maiden was looking for a wolf to take her deep into the woods and rip off her little dress with his teeth. He'd howl to the moon in glee as he feasted on the delicious delicacies of her tight little basket. The wolf had big hands to cup her peaches, he was hirsute and insatiable and she loved to feed him and feast on him in turn.

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