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Im looking for my partner in crime... minus the crime
United States
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my name is miles. i'm a rapper, living in baltimore. i hate all the music they try to call rap on the radio. i like longboarding and riding motorcycles, and i used to be a mechanic. i'm creative, funny, and very original. ive been called the dumbest genius you will ever meet, and i somehow take pride in that. if you spend a day with me, you will either hate me or end up having a great time doing some really random shit, forget what time it is, and miss your bus home. it happens. im looking for a woman who is most (all might be asking to much, but by all means... :D ) of the following: smart (like we can talk about a wide variety of stuff, without making those "wtf are you what huh" type faces at each other lol funny (tell me some jokes that most people would gasp at, and you are ahead of the game in my book :) creative (dont be a follower. if you figure out a way to wear 5 different color socks i like you that much more haha) open minded (live and learn. try new shit. listen to some new music. come get sushi with me. that whole shit dont be normal (if this is self explanatory, then you are on the right track :) P.S. what im looking for, should tell you a thing or two about me :)

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