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I'm a college student looking for a monogamous sexual relationship with a guy. I am a virgin and I am very curious about sex. I shall attempt to describe myself. I am an African American woman with huge eyes. I am pretty short, like 5'0". I have huge tits and an average figure. I am pretty laid back and I like to play video games, draw, sing, listen to music, travel, and hang out with friends. I love cats, but I have two dogs. I live with three roommates in a residential suite. I am not down for threesomes with any of them or threesomes in general. I am not the sharing type; hence I want a monogamous sexual relationship. I feel like I would be a submissive, because I have never had intercourse so... yeah. Sex noob over here. If you come at me the wrong way, expect to get an offensive/defensive response. Yes I can get really feisty. I prefer a man from ages 21 to 27.


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