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I'm a hard working, goal oriented kind of guy with too much free time on my hands and no one to share it with. I'm not afraid to show my sensitive side but I'm not afraid to take charge either. I like to go out and see the sights or maybe just stay in and be lazy. Either way is fine with me. I enjoy reading, writing, watching movies, playing games, but also I'm constructive with my boredum. I'm a man with simple needs and a classy taste for fashion. Unless I'm home, then I'll just hang around in my boxers or pjs. I like both cats and dogs but mostly cats because I enjoy my silence or peace without the constant barking. I do drink occasionally but I mostly smoke. But not cigarettes, if you know what I mean. It helps with my insomnia and stress from my previous relationship since I was on the receiving end of the break up. No it wahasn't my fault before anyone starts pointing fingers. Anyway apart from that, I'm single and looking. Message me if you have anymore questions~

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