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I love kissing
United States
Palm Harbor
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First of all, I am playful guy by nature....like to have fun. I do tease and banter on you, like I said I like to have fun.

I'm no cubicle guy and you're no cubicle girl, we are both here online looking for that special someone, so we might as well have fun dating.

What I am looking for in woman is a barbie doll type, who doesn't know what the word no means....lol. Just kidding here, work with me here, I'm playful. Looking for a down to earth woman who is very flexible and diverse. She must love kissing, because I love kissing. If I found out that you're not a good kisser, I will spread rumors about you lying for being a good kisser...lol (just kidding)

If you and I don't have chemistry with each other, we can be "let's just be friends" You can never have too many friends on this earth. Thanks for viewing my profile


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