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Hey I'm Daniel. I enjoy good banter with people that have a good sense of humour. I have a fun, slightly laid back personality and a flexible mind which allows me to get on with all different types of people. I'm looking to be more outgoing and meet fun new people I can spend some good times with.

Because of my competitive nature I love to play football. I have been very successful in my playing days and this is something I’m very proud of. Nothing makes me happier than getting stuck into a match with my mates. I’m definitely a leader when it comes to a football match. You can’t shut me up lol. I've been a huge a***nal FC fan ever since I kicked a ball because I like the way they play the game and just generally like the name.
I love watching movies, especially Tarantino movies. I honestly think that the man is incapable of writing a bad movie. I think it’s brilliant how he always writes himself a little cameo role and he’s the only writer/director that does that which makes him unique. I’ve seen every one of his movies but my favourite is definitely “Pulp Fiction” it’s a masterpiece from start to finish in my book. He is one funny looking guy though lol. I would also like to write a screenplay or two in my lifetime. Who knows maybe you’ll see my name on the credits of a movie you watch in the future.

I enjoy RnB music and often find myself singing alot in the shower or going crazy to an old Biggy tune full blast pissing off the neighbours and making me fear for the durability of my windows lol. I would like to cover a few artists on youtube but I haven’t been able to work out how to get my sound to work on my webcam.

I work as a sales assistant during the week and on the weekends I like to go out and have a drink with the boys. Preferred drink of choice would be malibu and coke for that caribbean flavour like myself :p

I like a woman who has clear goals in life, however, this doesn't mean I
want a high powered business shark that talks about nothing but her job. Its
important to have a balance! but it’s great being with an independent woman with ambition. “Work hard, play harder” springs to mind.

I also like women with a wicked sense of humour, a great sense of humour is
common, but when a woman clicks with me by sharing a joke that other people
might not always get, then that’s a big turn on.

So now you know a bit about me you can buy me a drink ;)


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