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United States
Los Angeles
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Hi! I'm Nicole, 22 years old and single. I just got here in Los Angeles few weeks ago. My company opened a new branch here. I'm one of the Employees who gonna take over. Tbh I'm a freelance model in men's magazine and I'm a part time webcam entertainer, I do online naughty cam shows. I want you to think many many times before messaging me because I don't want to talk with someone who gonna end up hating, degrading and judging me.

For now I'm looking for someone who isn't gonna bullshit around and won't be afraid to watch and pay $1.95 it takes to play with me on my naughty cam show. I'd be down to meet someone who's willing to do this stuff for me, to show how interested he is with me. I mean it, I'll give my number and address after my show, to show you that I'm keeping the deal for real. Don't ask for preview or else you will be ignored! if you're interested then PM me and say "LET'S DO IT"
PS. Dont say it if you dont mean it.


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