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Looking for very first sexual experience, for free (hopefully)
United States
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I'm gonna be strait forward with everything you read below here, since this will probably never work anyways. I'm literally only here for free, no payment required sex, and nothing else, if that appeals to anyone. I'm not ready for a relationship yet, just to satisfy a sexual need. I am willing to make friends though (friends wiling to help each other with sexual needs course, and possibly just normal friends) Negative facts about me: I'm not that attractive. I'm over weight and possibly obese, I am not that smart and my hygiene isn't the best. I'm basically a 10-13 year old in a 20 year old body, and I still live with my mom. I don't have a job, or a car because I'm too lazy, and nervous to get either one. I am extremely shy as well. I stutter a lot and talk really fast when I'm nervous and tend to avoid eye contact (unless I am extremely comfortable with the person I'm with) i am also a furry and get embarrassed very easily. I have extreme anxiety as well. There's more to be put here, but I don't feel like writing it all right now. Positive facts about me: Can't think of any at the moment.

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