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I'm sarcastic, silly, strange, goofy, caring, supportive, passionate and loyal. At any given moment I'm likely to start talking in a random accent or quote one-liners from my favorite movies. I sing (loudly) in the car ". Sorry to burst your bubble but I'm not sunshine and giggles all day, everyday... I have a feisty side that likes to come out to play. I love dinner and drinks with my friends at cozy pubs with great food and atmosphere. Not really into loud, wild bars or clubs. I'm sort of a tomboy and having acceptance/respect from guys is much more important to me than having them tell me I'm hot/sexy or calling me honey/baby/sweetie : rollseyes: Definitely a nerd but not shy or quiet. I don't have to be "right" but I will stand up for something I feel stronglyabout. I need someone who can be patient with me and want to learn about me, specifically (not just apply what you THINK you already know about women in general). I'm strange, really. Most guys think I'm not interested when really I just don't know how to express emotion properly. Will you have to make the first move? Probably... but once I know we're on the same page it wont be an issue. My love is shown through my actions and not words. As I said I just don't express it properly (verbally). I'm very capable of verbal communication, it's the mushy stuff I have a hard time with. If you don't think you can deal with these issues or want a girly girl who wears her heart on her sleeve then you should stop reading now, no hard feelings!

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