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hopeless romantic looking for the girl in the sunset
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I like to say that I AM NOT LIKE ALL THE OTHER GUYS!!!! Cause, Men often make the assumption that they know what a woman wants based on their previous experiences with women. You can get into trouble here because the fact is that every woman is different, and I know what that means. Gohngsenh is Ottawa for chipmunk. Which leads into the fact that I am Native American. My hair is long just like my heritage says it should be. I am the type of guy who likes long nighttime or mid morning walks then laying somewhere in a field or against a big tree and cuddling and falling asleep with someone. I also like a girl that can get dirty, what I mean is a girl that likes to take a walk by the river and get muddy, or rock climbing and get dusty. I don’t just want her there with me on the banks of the river or the top of a mountain, I want her there with me at a five star restaurant, and at a big banquet. I want the girl who is tough in the day, and maybe a little prissy at night. I like that girl that can listen to me, and accept that I am always listing, and we can carry out a intelligent conversation about anything. I don’t want the perfect girl I want the girl that is perfect for me, and that I am perfect for her. I don’t want the perfect girl I want the girl that is perfect for me, and that I am perfect for her. I am basically nocturnal so you can find me after the sun sets, if there is anything imaginable that you want to know you know how to find me :) :) since I guess it matters, I play football, corner back, and basket ball forward. I run a five flat mile. I love to go for nighttime walks, and sometimes just lay under the starts. I love candy!!!! I would eat candy for every meal if I could.. just like to chill and think about the big picture of life. I have a full 4 year scholarship to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff to get a masters in Conservation Criminology. For that career I need to major in both Criminology, and Fisheries Biology.


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