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I'm attractive and established.  I've been a dom for ten years.  I'm looking for a mature woman to be daddys little girl.


I am a Renaissance man. A teacher, a mentor, a business owner. I have a degree in philosophy and psychology. I'm extremely well versed in a wide breadth of subjects. I'm an alpha male; people follow my lead in all aspects of my life when I choose to take control. I'm extremely athletic and empathic. I'm a tai chi and qi gong teacher. I am a nerd in a jocks body.

The idea for me is to balance the profane and sacred. My sexual habits sometimes convinced me that my likes, as perverted as they may be, may not be compatible with my spirituality. But I don't believe this to be true. Specifically my attraction to feminine submission is not based on a depraved belief that women are less than men but rather I am aroused by the fact that a woman, beautiful, intelligent and strong in her own right, decides to submit totally to me, not because she must but because she chooses to. It is this power exchange that has been a constant source of sexual arousal. It is the fact that a powerful woman willingly gives me control of her body trusting that I will not only use it for my pleasure but also that I will use it to provide her with complete satisfaction. True power exchange is a symbiotic experience giving pleasure to both parties, not as it first may appear, a sexually selfish practice where the male uses the females body for his own pleasure.


Are you in school ?  When did you lose your virginity ? Do you drive ? Live at home ?


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