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I look at it this way: having been to some different places around these Great United States, it's come to my attention that the Midwest -- and Minneapolis in particular -- is rather socially conservative. Even the poly-set frowns on casual sex and other forms of low-commitment debauchery. I say to hell with such cowardice and regressive, anti-social nonsense!

Thankfully, I have a partner with a far more open mind than the rest of the chilly folks around here -- she encourages such behavior. So, I modestly offer myself up for the cause of Fucking Purely for the Fun of It. I only need one long-term, forward looking, commitment-centric relationship. I also feel that one can never have too many fun, new experiences (especially when they're lurid).

So, who am I, then? Well, some anonymity must be maintained. That said, I'm a uniquely handsome, oddly cute artist/writer/musician who's on the fairly healthy side with a strong physique. Further, I am disease and drug free (as you should be), very experienced, and dominant. Even though I'm often seen as the deep, serious sort from a distance, I'm beyond fun and funny when one takes but a moment to get to know me. Oh, and for the size queens, I'm decently well-hung at 8" long by 5.5" around. I'm also very liberal, very ethical, truthful, and earnest.


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