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I am just an average normal chap, down to earth person and with a good blend of traditional and modern values.  I am extremely clean, non-smoker and never had any STD's. Occasional glass of wine and no drugs, ever. My only addiction is herbal supplements. Extremely healthy male with a younger attitude. I am a naturally happy person, with a good sense of humor. I am retired now, but for a while I owned part interest in an historical map company, which was sold in the past few years. I still feel the overwhelming need carry on doing things productive. After work, in the early evening is when I begin drafting articles for the mainstream and pastoral newspapers, which gives me a sense of satisfaction? The world doesn't wait for anybody to get in gear, so I decided after leaving school that I wasn't going to be haunted for the rest of my life, by saying later that I had not accomplished anything? I didn't want to end up in a dull, worthless job I went to sea and took pleasure in every moment, including the hard work. Not too many people can say that they have explored the majority of countries, throughout the seven seas and both hemispheres. I even became the entertainment organizer for the crew and therefore arranging tours and even joining passenger events as salmon bakes in Alaska. When I immigrated to America, I was received clearance from the Government to apply my computer experience as a tech on the first digital map titled the T.I.G.E.R. project. My few other jobs was a Investigator and Probate Researcher. I graduated with a degree from London Open University.

I used to play cricket and English football. Do not follow any sports. My status is divorced.


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