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Is there anyone real on here?
United States
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Looking for real women I can actually connect with, not just bots or trolls. So far, that seems to be my luck. (Any actual troll ladies or fembots on here, please take no offense. I don't intend to discriminate). Hopefully someone will come along & prove me wrong, because I don't like being sent on wild goose chases. I'm looking for an intimate connection with someone close to my area, but not really wanting a relationship that goes any further than a friend with benefits. Maybe one day I'll meet the right person, but right now I'm not meeting anyone, my life is devoid of intimacy of any sort, & it's killing me. Take it how you want. So far my description has been filled with negativity, but that's where I am in my life right now. If there's someone out there who can handle that, fantastic. I'm not always this way.


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