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I am able to hold conversations on almost every topic and if I don't know said topic, then I can certainly learn from whoever I'm speaking to. I am very knowledgeable about many things and believe a mental connection will help us fly beyond just, "great sex". I am currently going to school to pursue my career in political journalism. I love to write and let my very expansive imagination go to work. Although it may sound like I am boasting, I am actually quite modest and do not enjoy portraying an image that screams, "no one is better than I". I have been told all my life that I am extremely handsome and good looking as well as having a very built body. I am not so modest to where my self-esteem is lacking, but so modest that I often stay silent when others compliment me, and shrug my shoulders with a friendly smile. If this sparked your interest, or you enjoy having intellectual conversations; I suggest you finish reading this and talk to me already!

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