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Hello and thanks for visiting. Before you start reading, you should know that I'm only interested in single, women under 40 who live locally (less than an hour away, with traffic, at most).

As for my overarching kink interests, I enjoy discipline-style impact play, training/rules, telling you what to do, being manhandled, and being talked to in that stern, I-mean-business voice. Lately, I've realized that I enjoy gags and being restrained more than I thought and that I like things that border on light humiliation.

Why am I here? I'm trying to find the almost impossible -- a man I connect with on both "vanilla" and WDSM levels; someone with whom I'm comfortable whether we're on a road trip, working side-by-side, or being sexual deviants together. 

I find a thrill in the idea that even though we are enjoying a normal activity you can stop and slap me for saying something sass, order me to eat you out while you are driving the car, or any other activity to enforce the power dynamic.

My "type": I love a nice smile and intelligence. You should be comfortable staying in for an entire weekend, or exploring that cool/weird museum across town, or road tripping, or enjoying a few beers at our favorite spot, or cooking dinner/hiking/taking a class together. The type I usually go for is friendly, likable, and personable, and balances the part of me that just wants to stay in and relax at home.


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