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I of course know what the "casual" means but I would like to try to redefine it: I propose that a casual relationship be defined as informal and relaxed. I'm not looking to marry you, but I would like to get to know you. I'd want to like you, as a person. I want to be attracted to you without beer goggles and blazing hormones, and I'd like you to be attracted to me without them as well. I'd like feel comfortable with you, to ease into sex with you, and then make it a regularly enjoyable thing. I'd like there to be openness and honesty and laughter and fun. Just, you know..... Naked, sometimes. I'd like to warm your sheets and kiss you on the mouth but I won't steal your food or leave my toothbrush. What is that? A friend with benefits? Ultra non committal dating? Consistent nude exercise? Is this sounding a little too involved? I am sure I am silly looking for this type of thing.... What do you think?

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