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Firstly, I think it is probably important to say that I`m only interested in white women. Now, moving on... I am an Odinist, Asatru, Heathen, Norse Pagan, whichever you want to call it. I take my religion very seriously, and if you can`t accept those beliefs, there`s no point in reading further. My heritage is also very important to me. I am Norwegian, German and English mixed. An `almost` true Nord. I`ve lived here in Huntsville all of my life and don`t plan on leaving anytime soon, although if I had to move somewhere else, it`d be somewhere cold like Norway. I enjoy drinking and partying, living for the things that bring myself joy, no matter the effects it has on my physical health, I wouldn`t say I `live for the moment` exactly, but more along the lines of `if cake makes me happy, then I`ll just be fat, oh well` if that makes any sense... I like a lot of different types of music... My two main genres are metal and old country (When I say old, I mean like the 3 Hanks, David Allan Coe, Johnny Cash, etc). I`ve got A LOT of tattoos, but they`re almost all incredibly shitty prison-style tattoos that I plan to get covered up when I have enough money. I`m also currently in between jobs and doing odd-jobs around town for cash, pretty much just getting by week-to-week. Anything else, I guess just ask!

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